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Glymed Plus AHA Accelerator

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13th March, 2012

Glymed Plus AHA Accelerator

Glymed Plus AHA Accelerator is a lightweight serum that has been formulated toprepare the skin for surgical and chemical procedures. It is an oil free, water based and a skin friendly product that is ideal in preparation for clinic AHA peels and AHA home maintenance. Glymed Plus AHA Accelerator also prepares the skin for treatment of hyper pigmentation, photo aged skin and acne. This product smoothes the skin and maintains the results of clinical peel treatments. It comes under the category of Age Management skin care system as it addresses the problems and challenges of injured, environmentally damaged and photo aged skin. Glymed Plus AHA Accelerator helps to tighten pores and is suitable for people with aging skin, acneic conditions, rosacea and hyper pigmentation. The product contains two natural alpha hydroxyl acids, namely glycolic and lactic acids. These help to stimulate the epidermal cell turnover that happens in young healthy skin every day. This process decreases with age and makes the skin lack vitality. These ingredients make Glymed Plus AHA Accelerator the ideal product for aging skin. Four to six drops of the product needs to be applied to the entire face and neck and followed by a sunscreenduring daytime.

Ingredients & Effects

Glymed Plus AHA Accelerator contains key ingredients like Glycolic Acid which is an AHA used in treatment of acne condition and chemical peels. It reduces wrinkles and pores while removing dryness. Lactic Acid is an AHA that prevents thickening of stratum corneum and helps in cell detachment resulting in flexibility and smoothness of the surface of the skin. Another ingredient is the Aloe Vera Leaf juice that is a natural ingredient that helps to soothe the skin and protect the skin. Sage Leaf Extract is a botanical extract that has astringent, anti oxidant and antiseptic properties. It assists in preventing oxidative stress and premature aging. Green Tea Extract possesses high levels of anti oxidants and is an effective anti bacterial and anti inflammatory agent. Other ingredients in the Glymed Plus AHA Accelerator are Chamomile Flower Extract, Vitamin E, Sodium Hydroxide, etc. All these ingredients are together formulated into this great product that helps cell renewal and reduces the signs of aging which is caused by lifestyle imbalances and stress. The product helps to protect your skin from environmental damage. The unique mix of AHAs makes the Glymed Plus AHA Accelerator very active and effective with more hydration and lesser irritation. It is a revolutionary skin resurfacing product made to prepare the skin for peels, laser, surgical procedures and microdermabrasion.  

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