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Tokyo Milk Le Petit Parfum

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30th May, 2012

 Tokyo Milk Le Petit Parfum

Product Information:

Tokyo Milk Le Petit Parfum is an exotic blend of Lily, Peony, Vanilla Bean and Violet Petals. It consists of a mix of these beautiful fragrance notes bottled in a vintage inspired bottle.

This article provides basic background information of one of Tokyo Milk's best products: Le Petit Parfum.

 This is a fine scent made with the crushed and distilled process and presented in a sophisticated bottle adorned with a vintage imagery. It is a feminine scent with a blend of delicate floral and a hint of sweetness of Vanilla Bean. This women’s fragrance comes in a bottle decorated with a unique vintage watercolor of an egg and a nest. Tokyo Milk products are wonderful and so is the packaging and presentation of the products. This line of products was created by Margot Elena. She designed these products which have a signature presentation. Tokyo Milk Le Petit Parfum is an ideal parfum for women looking for a sweet floral fragrance. The notes of Peony, Lily, Violet Petals and Vanilla Bean are sure to allure you. Apply to your pulse points for a long lasting fragrance or mist it into the air and walk through. The scent is clean and calming which you are sure to like. This fragrance is made to capture your mood and taste in an elegant way.

Tokyo Milk Le Petit Parfum is available in a bottle of 1 fl oz. The packaging is different and elegant and has been crafted with sophistication. It is made of a beautiful blend of peony, lily, vanilla bean and violet petals captured in a bottle with a unique bird’s nest design. This rich and luxurious parfum is worth treating yourself to or gifting to someone special. It is created with beautiful fragrances bottled together in an enchanting glass bottle decorated with a vintage water color. Tokyo Milk line of products has been created keeping all the fine details in mind. The detailing of each product is like an artistic creation. This makes a perfect gift as the fragrance and the bottle packaging is exquisite and elegant. The signature design, colors and detailing are unique and charming. This mix of scents has made Tokyo Milk Le Petit Parfum delightful and alluring. The vintage style packaging will win your heart as much as the scent of the parfum. The blend of peony, vanilla bean, lily and violet petals makes this a unique scent that lingers with your all day. Use it every day or for a special occasion to make heads turn.

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Tokyo Milk Le Petit Parfum


Product description:

Le Petit Parfum by Tokyo Milk

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